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Water Resources Assessment

Aquaquest undertakes water resources assessments from collection of baseline data through monitoring of water wells and well fields to developing long-term water resource management programmes. Assessments provide the foundation to make informed decisions in developing water resources from large scale water supply for human development, irrigation for commercial farming to dewatering operations.

Borehole site surveys

Borehole surveys increase the success-rate of drilling one or more boreholes, by pinpointing locations with high groundwater potential. Detailed data reviews are part of all investigations. Aquaquest conducts, to target areas of potential for follow up detailed field investigations. The review includes the analysis of satellite imagery, GIS, aerial photography and database / statistical techniques. Geophysical surveying is part of field investigations, with the company owning equipment for conducting electrical and magnetic surveys.

Borehole drilling supervision

Aquaquest provides knowledgeable and independent advice during the drilling and construction of boreholes. Our quality assurance and control results in costs savings to our clients by improving pumping efficiency and extending the operating life of each borehole. Aquaquest works with drilling contractors to incorporate best drilling practices and construction materials to bring a borehole to a successful completion.

Farmers in Zambia often experience “coughing” or failed pumps, and inconsistent pumping. Aquaquest conducts appropriate borehole testing following internationally recognized procedures to address these concerns, by determining the long-term sustainable yield and operating efficiency of a borehole. To date we have carried out over 100 tests, providing our clients with recommendations on type of pump type, pumping rate and installation.

Groundwater monitoring and modeling

Long term monitoring of the groundwater is of utmost importance if large amounts of water are pumped. Aquaquest has experience in developing monitoring networks, which provide an early warning system to negative impacts on your water supply. Climate change or excessive pumping can lower water levels causing yields to drop or boreholes to run dry. An early adjustment to the pumping regime can reduce the long-term impact and save your aquifer and your business.


Integrated Water Resource Management

Aquaquest undertakes water resources assessment studies, both groundwater and surface water and both water quality and water quantity. Water resources assessments provide the foundation to make informed decisions in developing water resources, but also to predict the impact of climate change on water resources. We provide rural and urban borehole siting, using geophysical techniques, borehole drilling (supervision) and rehabilitation, as well as borehole test-pumping supervision and analysis. Our hydrogeological expertise enables a sustainable and optimal development of water resources. We also assist in water resources development feasibility and planning studies, and rainwater harvesting.

Irrigation and Water Supply

Aquaquest is able to assist you with various activities required for agricultural development ranging from topographic surveys, soil surveys, agro economic analyses, irrigation requirements, irrigation system design and implementation. We have experience developing ground- or surface water based water supply for irrigation and (gravitation based) irrigation schemes.

We can help you identify the most ideal source of water supply, either surface or groundwater. AquaQuest is highly experienced in conducting catchment yield analyses for surface water supply, and geophysical field surveys (both 1D profiling, 2D ERT and VES) to identify ground water sources.

Topographic surveys and mapping

Aquaquest has the topographic survey equipment and expertise to help you with the topographic designs of your agricultural development and water supply.


Water, Sanitatioin and Hygiene

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene are among the most important sectors for development throughout Africa. In order to get insight into the sustainability of WASH programs, it is important to provide updated assessments of the operational sustainability of the provided water and sanitation services. We carry out surveys for WASH implementation programs, including household surveys, community focus group discussions and stakeholder interviews. We also assist in community mobilization and in water and environmental sanitation and hygiene education.