Offering specialised cost effective water development and management advice to the water sector in Zambia and surrounding countries.

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About Aquaquest

Aquaquest Ltd. is a Zambian Consultancy firm, specialized in water resources investigations and water development, which delivers professional services in Zambia from its head office in Zambia since 2010. Our mission is to improve the lives and livelihoods in the region through sustainable, professional consulting and project management in the water sector..

Aquaquest services

Aquaquest is specialized in state-of-the-art groundwater and surface water surveys, drilling supervision and contract management, borehole assessment, water supply development, irrigation scheme development, GIS and database development and topographic surveying. We have a network of associate specialists in all major fields of water development.

On many farms the boreholes have been underutilized because wrong pumps have been installed, screens are blocked, pipes have fallen into boreholes and need to be cleaned, boreholes have silted etc. Aquaquest can assist you in a proper assessment of your borehole water supply that may still be able to supply more water in a sustainable manner than you think. Contact us for advice before you embark on expensive drilling programmes!

Aquaquest projects

Aquaquest has carried out numerous projects in various countries, including Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. Take a look at some of our projects

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7 months ago

Aquaquest Ltd Zambia
Aquaquest offers sustainable solutions for borehole development; Our services include analysis of the local groundwater conditions, borehole siting, drilling supervision and test pumping, as well as drilling contract management.We are able to assess a wide range of problems with your existing borehole(s), using a borehole investigation camera, and provide recommendations to resolve the issue(s).E-mail zambia@aquaquest.info or call 097 515 7816 for more information. ...
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11 months ago

Aquaquest Ltd Zambia
Have you ever wondered why your borehole is not working as it should, how deep it is and how far the casing goes down, why and where the pump is stuck, what casing pipe the driller has actually installed, or why the borehole water is brown?Aquaquest can assist to investigate these issues quickly and in a cost effective way, using a borehole camera, and advise on the best approach to repair and improve the borehole.E-mail zambia@aquaquest.info or call 097 515 7816 for more information. ...
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12 months ago

Aquaquest Ltd Zambia
A Stakeholder delegation visited our geophysical survey team in the field. Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) measurements were taken to identify locations with high groundwater potential at a paleo-channel just north of Kazungula, a rapidly growing town located on the Zambian side of the unique 4-country border between Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. A feasibility study was conducted for the construction of large diameter wells or infiltration galleries along the Zambezi River to develop a sustainable water source for the Kazungula townwater supply.#ERT #SDG6 #SWSC #AfDB ...
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1 years ago

Aquaquest Ltd Zambia
As part of the AWARE programme, GIZ is promoting sustainable borehole development in the Southern province. Aquaquest provided geophysical surveying and independent drilling supervision for two boreholes in Namwala and Mungaila at two dairy cooperatives. Based on experiences during the drilling, Aquaquest developed guidelines for borehole development to be used in the AWARE project.#AWARE #GIZ #Sustainableboreholes #Cooperatives ...
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