Aquaquest has a profound experience in the following fields:

Hydrogeological surveys

Detailed data reviews are part of all investigations Aquaquest conducts to target areas of potential for follow up detailed ground investigation.  The review includes the analysis of satellite imagery, GIS, aerial photography and database / statistical techniques.

Geophysical surveying is part of field investigations, with the company having equipment for conducting electrical and magnetic surveys.

Supervision Services for Drilling and Borehole Construction

Aquaquest provides knowledgeable and independent advice during the drilling and construction phases. Our quality assurance and control results in costs savings to our clients by improving pumping efficiency and extending the operating life of each borehole.

Aquaquest works with drilling contractors to incorporate best drilling practices and construction materials to bring a borehole to a successful completion. Aquaquest can also assist in procuring a driller contractor and their management.

Test pumping

What is the long-term sustainable yield and operating efficiency of a borehole? Not answering these questions typically results in “coughing” or failed pumps, and inconsistent pumping.

Aquaquest conducts appropriate testing following internationally recognised procedures. To date we have carried out over 100 tests, providing our clients with recommendations on type of pump type, pumping rate and installation, assisting in the sustainable management of your water resource.

Borehole assessments

The ultimate performance of a borehole depends on the how the borehole was constructed and the materials used. Over time boreholes deteriorate from silting, clogging of screens, and collapse (due to poor design).

Aquaquest can assess your borehole using our down-the-hole camera, available drilling data, old and new test pumping records, and pump information.

Groundwater monitoring

Long term monitoring of the groundwater is of utmost importance if large amounts of water are pumped. Aquaquest has experience in developing monitoring networks, that provides an early warning system to negative impacts on your water supply. Climatic changes or over pumping can lower water levels causing yields to drop or boreholes to dry. An early adjustment to the pumping regime can reduce the long-term impact and save your aquifer and your business.

Managing your Groundwater Supply

Managing a water supply consisting of many boreholes requires the collection and monitoring of many types of data. Putting in place a tailor made management information system assists in identifying and minimising losses ensuring increased lifespan and financial savings. Aquaquest is able to prepare detailed maps and develop a database to efficiently manage your water supply.

Water Resource Assessments

Aquaquest undertakes assessments from collection of baseline data through to developing long-term resource management programmes. Assessments provide the foundation to make informed decisions in developing water resources from large scale water supply for human development, irrigation for commercial farming to dewatering operations.

Domestic Water Supplies

In many cases existing boreholes are poorly drilled and designed, or installed with wrong sized pumps (usually too large), inappropriate screens, or they have deteriorated or become blocked with lost equipment and pipes. Drilling yields may be overestimated. An assessment could save an old borehole. Aquaquest can help, by identifying the core problem and offering rehabilitation solutions.