Water Resources Consultancy


Since 2010 Aquaquest has been offering specialised cost effective water development and management advice to the water sector in Zambia and surrounding countries. Aquaquest works with commercial farmers, urban and rural developers and the mining sector in identifying, evaluating and executing groundwater and surface water based projects.

On many farms the boreholes have been underutilized because wrong pumps have been installed, screens are blocked, pipes have fell into boreholes and need to be cleaned, boreholes have silted etc.

Aquaquest can assist you in a proper assessment of your borehole water supply that may still be able to supply more water in a sustainable manner than you think. Contact us for advice before you embark on expensive drilling programmes!

Personnel available for projects include internationally trained hydrogeologists and water resource graduates, and a network of international experts, including agricultural experts end evnironmentalists.
The company is affiliated with WE Consult, a company operating out of Uganda and Mozambique. Download our brochure here.